1. Accessing your course

Once you have booked your course directly with JCT you are directed to create a Skills Hub Account and you may start your enrolment by contacting JCT either through the Skills Hub "Start My Course" button or by emailing [email protected] . Your course access will be limited to a number of consecutive days, typically between 7 and 30 days depending on the course type and size. Over the enrolment period you may watch the course videos and access any downloadable contact as often as you wish but access is strictly limited to the you (the enrolled student). 

The following activities are strictly outside the Terms of Use:

(i) Sharing your login credentials (user name and password) with anyone else

(ii) Accessing courses as a group either electronically or in a conference

(iii) Broadcasting, copying or capturing the course videos or material and sharing with others

JCT will monitor your access and progress throughout your enrolment and if they suggest that multiple personnel are using your enrolment JCT may contact you to discuss your access patterns. In cases where there is a high probability of access abuse JCT may suspend your enrolment pending an investigation. 

NOTE: If you have a number of personnel who want access to the course JCT will be happy to provide significant discounts for multiple enrolments. Simply contact [email protected] to discuss your individual requirements and get a personalised quote.

2. Period of enrolment extensions

In the event that you have found insufficient time to access your course materials (due to unforeseen work commitments, sickness etc)   you may ask JCT to temporarily pause you enrolment period  at any stage and to restart it later, or if your enrolment period has expired (or is about to expire) you are welcome to ask for an extension. JCT will consider each request on a case by case basis but will not unreasonably refuse such a request. Extensions will generally be granted free of charge.

3. Copyright

All course materials including course videos, course notes and exercise material are subject to copyright and may not be reproduced without the express permission of JCT Consultancy Ltd. Where there is a facility to download material from a lesson, you may download it and make local copies for your own use. You may retain any downloadable content for subsequent use but may not publish or share it.