About the Training Course and how to access it

This pre recorded Training Course is about one and a half hours long and takes you through how to activate quickGreen2 and then conduct an intergreen assessment from start to finish. The course covers importing and calibrating background layouts, adding Lanes, Phases and Pedestrian Crossings, adding and manipulating vehicle paths and reviwing intergreen matrices. There is also a short overview of the manual method for assessing intergreens. Details are also given on working with Advanced Cycle Stop Lines, adjustments for turning traffic and creating Reports

To access the free course you must be a quickGreen2 License holder with a current Software Support Agreement. We will need to check your eligibility so simply click the button above and provide us with:

  • Your Name
  • Your quickGreen2 License ID
  • Your Organisation

Alternatively you can e mail the details to [email protected]

If you are having trouble locating your quickGreen2 Licence ID download the document below for guidance:

Finding your quickGreen2 License ID.pdf

Course curriculum

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    quickGreen2 Training Course

    • quickGreen2 Training Course for Software Support