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This tutorial is about one and a half hours long and takes you through how to set up LinSig3 for SCATS modelling, some basic housekeeping and then moves on to take you through the building of a simple T Junction. The example is Beeliar Drive / Wentworth Parade which is a real junction in Western Australia and we extend our sincere thanks to Main Roads WA for supplying the information on layout and signal control structure. If you have previously attended JCT LinSig Training courses in Australia or New Zealand you will be familiar with this exercise but you are still welcome to take the tutorial to refresh your skiills. If you are new to LinSig modelling this tutorial will give you the basics following our 17 step suggested model building sequence. 

This free tutorial will be followed later by a much longer and more comprehensive course which will cover many more subjects such as Minor Signal Groups, Network Modelling, Multiple Pockets and Demand Dependency. By signing up for this course we will log your details and let you know when subsequent courses are added.

To access the free tutorial you must be a LinSig3 License holder with a current Software Support Agreement. We will need to check your eligibility so simply click the button above and provide us with:

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Alternatively you can e mail the details to [email protected]

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